V3 hygiene

At V3 Hygiene we strive to keep germs under control by slowing down the spread of germs using preventative measures such as facial masks and hand sanitizers. In an ideal world, we would be germ free and not allowing germs to invade our lives but, unfortunately, we live in a very real world and the real world comes with its challenges – like – germs. We all know it’s impossible to totally eradicate germs as they have been around since the beginning of time, but we can all be responsible and do our part in slowing down the production of said germs.

For your personal well-being we offer a few simple solutions to reduce your risk of infection:

  1. V3 Hygiene Face masks
  2. V3 Hygiene Hand sanitizers

Please remember your hygiene and health is in your hands – be responsible.

Important information regarding the Corona Virus in SA